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MEET LINDSEY - Main Photographer

I'm Lindsey, owner of Lindsey Van Roy Photography. Most days you can find me engulfed in the beautiful chaos of my five children wearing a top knot, glasses and just about anything black. I am a creator, image maker and business owner. I'm a minimalist, mother bear, nature lover, educator, story teller and optimist.

I've been a full-time professional photographer for 16 years and am still obsessed with showing people their beauty and love in images. :-) My heart lies in my photography studio in the tiny Village of Kimberly, Wisconsin. Although my photography studio is in Kimberly, WI I've served all over Wisconsin (and the states) with class and care and have also been commissioned in Europe, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Panama...for both portraits and weddings.

I believe we've all been blessed with one life to live, keep it real, dream big, inspire others and give back anytime you possibly can.

Live bold, love hard, give thanks and have laugh laugh laugh. Life is about experiences and our loved ones! Nothing matters more!

I am also a sushi connoisseur, coffee addict, margarita lover, boot fanatic and master nap taker. Try having five kids...you'll totally understand the nap thing! HA! My photography is authentic, passionate and timeless. I specialize in photographing women. It's that simple.

Be yourself, be madly in love, be ready to have fun and I promise to keep it light, gently direct you and capture moments today that will absolutely wow your heart tomorrow.

MEET ERIN - Professional Makeup Artist

Witty, down to earth and talented beyond all belief our makeup artist, Erin Schmalz, will make you feel completely comfortable as she masterfully brings out all of your best features. Erin has been working to help us create amazing portraits of our clients for well over 4 years. You are in excellent hands!