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Do you have a few minutes to read what my heart feels?? Read on....

It's time to celebrate the most important woman in your life and NOT wait until Mothers Day to do it. "MOTHER" may be YOU - it may be your mother. We're talking about that woman that has captured a lifetime of memories with her camera of her own family. She has documented her family from baby to adulthood. She has fought HARD for everything to run as smoothly as possible for her children...to give them the best.  She's been there to photograph and celebrate every birthday, holiday, and milestone in-between. She's cooked, cleaned, planned, prepared, disciplined, provided for and loved without condition -she receives practically nothing in return. From a baby's first step to their walk across the stage at graduation - she - you...were there.  But through all those years...sometimes very hard years... there is one soul missing in all the photographs.... MOTHER. This beautiful soul puts everyone else's needs before her own and doesn't want anyone to fuss over her. She is quiet and gets lost in her loving duty. She is MOTHER. She raises children with a partner or she does it alone...she is MOTHER.  She is extraordinary and she is the glue of every family. She moves the world. I BELIEVE THIS.

Mothers... heaven forbid a time comes when they are looking for you and can't find you. I don't mean to sound grim...I'm a realist...tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Do you exist for them?  What will they find?  It's time for Mother to exist in photographs. It's time to take a moment out for you Mama...just YOU.   I would love to capture you so you can leave your legacy to your children and grandchildren. I'm not even asking to be paid for this. It's a gift. Because I'm a Mother too and I see too many women under-appreciated for all they do to keep family alive and healthy.  

I'm giving each woman 10 minutes of my time. I wish I could give more but my goal is 100 Mothers. Will you trust me to create a portrait of you? I can create a simple yet beautiful portrait of you in 10 minutes...I know it. It's a gift from me, it costs you nothing. NOTHING. I've honestly been inspired by my own Mother. She is my rock, my heart and part of my brain at times. Ha!  Show up in a dark tone, no prints, patterns or logos and I have you covered.  SIGN UP HERE, GET YOUR SPOT!

I'll have few other friends there who are small business owners - to make this extra special. See...I'm a single Mother of 5 children.... I support small/home business because I know how life changing it can be for so many people. Owning my own business has allowed me freedom to be a better single Mother, I always support it when I can.

Just on off the top of my head... my friend, Kim Harthun will be on hand with info and tasty products from Isagenix. Isagenix offers moms the option of “pushing the easy button” on good nutrition.  Whether you’re looking for an easy on the go snack or meal to have between work and kid functions, or have big goals to lose some weight, build lean muscle, or just increase your natural energy to fuel your busy life, Isagenix can help. 

There's others but this is getting long! Ha!

A couple more things..

1) I will require you to sign a model release so I can place you in a 3x3 inch square collage of all the Mothers that participate in the MOTHER project.

2) If you are late...you lose your place. Please don't message me to tell me you will be late (it won't work) or be rude and be a no show. Please respect that I am giving my VERY VALUABLE TIME to you. I am a single Mother and I VALUE MY TIME. My regular clients pay top dollar for me. If you book a time slot PLEASE respect me enough to show up.

3) Please wear a dark top/shirt/blouse/dress with NO patterns or print.  

4) You will be allowed to print or post your digital file. I ask, if you appreciate your portrait and do post on social media that you simply credit my company, Lindsey Van Roy Photography

5) You will get to pick a gift card when you are there. Some are $250 and some $500. These need to be used by September of 2018 towards a regular portrait session. They can not be used towards a mini session or past session. They have no cash value. If you do not feel you will use this card...please gift it to someone who will.

I can't thank you all enough for participating!!! Let's make a beautiful portrait for 100 Mothers out there.  If you can't make it, would you PLEASE pass this on?